Total Stat-Levels at Adulthood: 10

Species Abilities

Psychic Potential (No Levels, at character creation)

Race History


New Terra, was once a desolate desert planet, covered in mountains and dunes, and not a single speck of life. Most he planets liquid had become frozen deep underground.

The Humans have done a lot of engineering to make New Terra what it is today. New Terra features five oceans full of salt water. Fresh water rivers cross its continents, and lakes dot its mountainous surface. New Terra has become a interplanetary hub, vegetation and animal life bursting from every shaded area, and irrigated valley. Though average temperatures remain high enough that New Terra has never seen snowfall.

Externally, the planet is surrounded by objects, hundreds of different city sized space-stations circle New Terra, with its moons, Black Moon, and New Moon. New Terra is also orbited by six Stargates, the largest number of Stargates in orbit of a single planet in the entire universe.