Total Stat-Levels at Adulthood: 10

Species Abilities

6, Leap

+4, Enhanced Hearing (Reaction Bonus)

+3, Enhanced Speed (Reaction and Athletics Bonus)

Race History


Brix, in the Brix Solar System; is a very small green world. Covered in grassy flat-lands, oceans, and occasional desserts. These days Brix is sporting a more modern look, the Tekens spent much of their industrial revolution perfecting farming techniques. Almost all the once grassy flat-lands have been dug up, plowed, and sewn with seeds of vegetables, and herbs. In modern times, approaching Brix, it appears a patch-work of squares from the sky. Very little of the planets land left untouched by farmland.

Technology these days is blooming with machines for plowing, and harvesting crops. Across the small surface of Brix lay several star-ports, surrounded by urban sprawls. In these city regions mostly aliens live, the Teken people preferring a lower gear life, Embracing the technology they need, while keeping their lives around their fireplaces at home.