Total Stat-Levels at Adulthood: 6

Species Abilities

5, Resistance (High Temperatures)

5, Resistance (Toxic Gasses)

5, Regeneration (Regrow digits in days, limbs in weeks)

Race History


Novas 1 is a hellish volcanic world in the Novas Solar System. Nearly all water is subsurface and must be drilled and pumped up. Moisture enters the Novacian atmosphere though steam geysers and other surface eruptions.

Novas 1 has two, very large, magma seas. The northern hemisphere is mostly filled by the sea of Divan. While the south-western hemisphere contains the planets other sea, the Dread Sea.

Life on Novas 1 can withstand incredible temperatures. Much of the local wildlife has evolved armor scales strong enough to survive submersion in magma.


Novicians are a slave race, Created by the Humans to mine the rich metals of Novas 1. Novicians were bread to survive the hellish temperatures of the planet, and its toxic hazards. The Novacian people despise Humans to this day, and do not consider themselves of the same race.


Novacians have a bad reputation for being drunkards and addicts. Their regenerative bodies are capable of withstanding so much chemical abuse, many Novacians fall admittedly into the stereotype giving the Novacian race the slur-nickname “Dogs.”