The Law

Sovereign Organization for Universal Law

Human beings swarm about the stars these days, their vastly superior technology landing them in control. Human leaders in charge of StarGate and terraforming projects built an empire, called Soul. Soul’s influence grew, spanning distance stars and far off galaxies, binding worlds that otherwise would never have known of each others existence by starting trade routes. It is said that the Humans control space; Taxing space travel with gate tolls and mandating a universal electronic currency for trade, Counts.

Counts have become a very widely used currency. Counts are valued on all Gated worlds, and most outer worlds. They can be exchanged for supplies, goods and equipment, or at very least, can be converted into local currency by someone who does business off-world.

Soul is based on the planet Meta, in the Meta sector. This world functions as the political capitol and the center for Soul’s infamous military. Soul is often seen only for its fearsome and brutal military. These soldiers are renowned throughout the universe for protecting planet Meta and its most valuable trade worlds.

These legendary warriors have helped Soul acquire more and more worlds. Planets requiring protection or assistance are often shanghaied into allegiance. The Military is also tasked with large scale defense, as well as preventing planets from succession, at any cost.


Soul’s Military Troopers (pictured above) are highly skilled trained killers. With super-human exoskeletal armor and a range of powerful weaponry, one Soul Trooper can decimate a crew of Bounty Hunters like child’s play.


Humanity changed everything with the invention of the StarGate, a technology that shrank the entire cosmos. Quick access to places uncountable light-years apart caused entire collections of solar systems to be organized into Sectors, each with an overall governing council of advisers, each reporting ultimately to Soul and its “Governing-Trio”.

To Better explain the day to day life of a Bounty Hunter in the universe today, you’d first have to grasp the size of a universal population; Each world with its own laws and regulations. Most planets have no law-enforcement; only the more developed core worlds have established policing forces. Smaller worlds rely instead on local Militia.

Most planets are easily reached by StarGates, and most these worlds we be settled. A few might die out when terraforming projects fail. While others thrive and become sophisticated, political worlds.

The instant nature of the Universe and its constantly fluctuating world to world population makes it necessary for the Citizens themselves to handle local matters. These Bounty-Hunters fill the gaps, stepping up and putting life and limb on the line to prevent disasters, stop local conflicts, move supplies, find criminals, retrieve stolen goods, nearly any task for hire.


Should I go freelance?

Most Bounty Hunters prefer life with a Guild. There are, however, always exceptions. Some Bounty Hunters find it liberating looking for their own jobs, hacking systems to find who’s wanted by governments, confronting contacts, ex-military or government workers.

Freelance work has no perks. You find a job you can do, you do it, you get paid.

What are the Perks?

Guilds are a cushion for the collateral damage you, and your crew, are bound to cause. Guild Members have protection freelance hunters do not. Paying large upfront tickets, and facing prison time could become quite a lot of trouble. Guilds will pay any damages or legal fees related to your hunt. You’ll be repaying little-by-little from your future hunts, of course.

Working for a Guild hooks you up with a collection of Bounty-Hunters just like yourself, some with similar interests and tactics. Working for a guild is an exclusive membership to an organized Guild-Master’s regime.


Guild-Masters are often ex-bounty hunters themselves, masters of the hunt, experienced and ready to share insight and advice. They asses the Bounty-Hunter crews at their disposal, and choose bounties they feel a crew is likely to accomplish.

A guild master can be a highly useful source for new work, financial issues, and help with dead-ends.

Bounty Hunter Terms

Red-Tag bounty

Red-Tags are search and destroy missions. Find your target, biological or material, and kill or destroy it. Most the time footage or remains are required to validate your job before you’ll receive payment.

Yellow-Tag bounty

Yellow-Tags are just shy of murder. A Yellow-Tag bounty is always a living target. Using a Cryo-Jar, a Bounty Hunter is expected to behead their target and return the subjects brain (usually still in the head) to receive payment.

Green-Tag bounty

Green-Tags are jobs where recovery is vital. A Green-Tag may be given to anything, Biological or Material. Simply put, it’s a recovery operation. Return your target intact and undamaged to receive payment.


Jarred is a phrase affectionately used when referring to the target of a Yellow-Tag bounty.


Living or inanimate targets that have been tagged as bounties are known as Bounty-Prey.

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