Character Creation

General Creation Guidelines

  • Print Character Sheet PDF and follow these 3 steps using a pencil
  • No Stat or Skill may exceed LEVEL  3 at Character Creation
  • Please fill in the questions on the back of your Character Sheet

1) Choose your Race

Visit the Races Page and choose a race.

  • Copy down the “Sub-Stat” numbers (the gray boxes) into the gray boxes on your character sheet.
  • Level up your character’s stats by spending your race’s “total Stat-Levels at adulthood” amongst them. Note, you may fill in fewer Stat-Levels to play a child character.

2) Hone Your Skills

What skills are Important to your Character?

Prioritize your four Skill-Sets from most important(1st) to least important(4th).

Each priority provides Levels to divvy up between Skills in each Skill-set. Skill-sets include Social, Firearms, Operation, & Muscle (indicated on your character sheet).

  • 1st Priority Skill-Levels
  • 2nd Priority Skill-Levels
  • 3rd Priority Skill-Levels
  • 4th Priority Skill-Levels, & you can NEVER Level-Up to Level 6 (Mastery) in this Skill-Set

3) Equip Your Lifestyle

You get C160,000 to make Any Purchases.