Dice Rules

How many dice to roll?

  • Stats & Skills Levels rank your characters Physical or Mental attributes from competent to excellence.
  • Keep in mind, all characters already have 1d6 for their stat rolls (filled-in)
  • You gain 1d6 for each Level, this goes for Stats and Skills
  • Stats naturally max at six dice, cybernetic enhancements can boost Stats higher than six.
  • Skills max at seven dice, at which point your character is a Master of that Skill.

Successful Dice

  • The Game Master Chooses a “Target-Number,” which the player must match or surpass on a six sided die.
  • 1, 2, & 3 are always unsuccessful die rolls.
  • Target-Numbers 4, 5, & 6 represent the distance you are from your target.
Target-Number Range  Example

Close – Short

0-9 m

Target is at point blank (close)or nearby (short)


10-50 m

Target is at a distance


50+ m

Target is very far away

How many Successful Dice do I need?

  • The number of successful die rolls required is determined by the difficulty of the task, determined by the GM. See chart below.
Task Difficulty Successes Needed
Very Easy 0, or 1
Easy 1
Moderate 2
Hard 3
Impossible 4


  • Two Six Sided Dice that land on 1, are paired together and called “Snake-Eyes.”
  • Each pair of “Snake-Eyes” eliminate a successful die from your roll.
  • A “Botch” Occurs when a pair of “Snake-Eyes” have no successful die to eliminate. Botching can cause any number of things to go wrong, at the Gamemaster’s discretion. Damage to the setting, player, or one of their teammates. You could draw attention to your party, permanently damage your Starship, or maybe even kill someone.

What’s Mastery?

Gaining Level 6 in a Skill makes you a Master

  • Snake Eyes are no-longer counted
  • A “Botch” only occurs when ALL die in your roll land on 1
  • Help another raise the skill you mastered by training them 1 week (in game time) per Level, your student pays half Learning Point Cost

What’s Blind Luck?

  • If you’re exercising a Stat or Skill you have no level in, this is called blind luck Roll 1d6
  • If you Roll 1, consider the die a failure, re-roll, If it lands on 1 again, consider that failure to be a botch.
  • If you roll a 6, consider the die a success, then re-roll. Count and total as many consecutive 6’s as you can get, count each as a success
  • Any faces other than 1 or 6 result in a failure

Being Over-Encumbered

  • For each Level in Body you can carry a multitude of Mass. The table below demonstrates the total mass you’re allowed to carry at each Body Level. (pictured below, Equipment Mass check-boxes on character sheet)
  • If you’re ever carrying more than your Body Level’s Mass allowance, -1 to all your Rolls for every 5 Mass Over.

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