Total Stat-Levels at Adulthood: 6


Species Abilities

6, Leap

+3, Enhanced Hearing (Reaction Bonus)

+3, Enhanced Sense of Smell (Reaction Bonus)

+3 Heat Vision (Reaction Bonus)

Race History


Actwek’s moon, Jerum in the Yestyear System

Jerum is inhabited by the Brivleian race. Jerum is the planet Actweks only moon. Actwek is on one of the planets conferrable nestled in the Yesteryear System in the Nermanac Sector.

Jerum is peaceful for the most part, covered in a vast, thick tangle of jungles. Only two technological hubs exist on the surface of Jerum, both spaceport metropolises. Over 95% of the Brivleian race lives a primitive lifestyle. Hiding in trees and hunting pray. Though the remaining percent live social city lives as citizens of the city of Brimslely, or New-Doctail.


Most Brivleians have a tribal pack mentality. The most powerful male is in charge of the tribe, his position is contested yearly during the spring season.


Brivleians are covered in a layer of smooth reptilian scales. Their brains are wired to seeing the heat organisms produce in the cold night air. Years of pack hunting have honed the Brivilian sense of smell, they are said to be able to smell blood on the air for several miles.

Brivleians also posess very strong leg muscles, which they use for jumping into trees or tree to tree, hunting the large beasts that inhabit Jerum.


Brivleian faith is centered around the sacred belief that their tribal chief has holy powers of wisdom that allows him to control the destiny of their tribe. The only way to gain this holy power is to beat him down, tasting his blood come spring, and mating season. During the species mating and dominance fighting.

They believe that when they die they are absorbed by the planet, so that a long waiting, dormant soul can be born reborn. Brivleians have a strong sense of honor and are very opposed to suicide. Stealing is very wrong, unless you are giving to a person who is less fortunate than the person you took from. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is a very acceptable behavior in their culture.