The Universe


A story about Humans

    The Ancient history of the Human Race is a story whispered from star to star, a Legend told for hundreds of thousands of years. The universe is filled with countless creatures long since clairvoyant and technical who speak of a time before humans. Humans are so plentiful and fertile that they can be found living on most planets and moons, even the most inhospitable worlds. It is said that the Human creature has no boundaries, their society long since removed from its origins. Human settlers dabbled in unheard of technologies, and were masters of genetic manipulation, climate control, and space-time.



    Vast technological feats have bound the universe closer than ever before. It is said that when the humans first appeared, they brought with them an otherworldly understanding of space-time. Over hundreds of thousands of years, humans spread to distant fringes of the universe, implementing the vast network of StarGates that are still in use to this day.

    The power of StarGates allows Starships of all kinds to travel instantaneously across the light-years. StarGates are enormous artifacts that can be found orbiting untold planets, moons, and other celestial bodies. The giant rings fasten two very distant points in space-time to a common location. Much of the universe still lies unexplored due to its staggering scale, and long-forgotten StarGates await rediscovery.

Peering into the StarGate, the captain orders his Starship through. He sees only stars beyond it, but they seem strangely out of sync with the starfield surrounding him. The captain’s vessel drifts through the immense ring, large enough to swallow a Starship three times his freighter’s size. As his StarShip emerges from the sister gate orbiting a distant moon, the Captain watches his destination slide into view over the ring’s edge. Shimmering orange, the gas-giant Jermek awaits him.

    To reach his destination a Starship Captain may direct his crew though a series of StarGates. While each junction may be thousands of light years apart, often zig-zagging from one side of the Universe to the opposite. This form of travel is immensely faster than flying a straight line to your destination at conventional drive speeds. Stargates are maintained by Soul, and are often accompanied by tolls. Sometimes Soul posts blockades at StarGates, requiring passing vessels to be searched, though Soul’s primary objective is to gain income rather than find criminals.

The Universe Continued “The Law”